Temperatures and pH probe

A few of the parts I ordered have finally arrived.

– DS1307 RTC

– pH Probe

– 3.2 TFT Screen

– DS18B20 Temperature Sensors


I’ve been using the Dallas Temperature control library for the temperature sensors. They really work well.



Also using the following library for the 3.2 TFT screen with touch.



So far all the example arduino sketches I have tried out are working – rtc, sd card, tft

I’ve now added in a ENC28J60 ethernet module. For that I’ve used the following library:



This was a real bugger to get going but it seems to be working and sending sample values to Xively. (Was Cosm, before that Pachube)

I’m still busy testing so fake values are being used.


Can’t these guys just decide on a name.


I also looked at Thingspeak to store data – still deciding between the two.


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