Raspberry Pi weather station

A few months ago I started putting together a R-Pi weather station using:

After a corrupted Pi SD Card and loosing the backups I’ve decided to restart this and will document everything this time. Its taken about half a day to just work out what libraries I was using. 🙁

Luckily I stored my code in Github

To start off download the latest version of Wheezy.

Update to the latest version.
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

I came across this site to remove all the extra packages you dont need on the Pi (If you are not running GUI)

First setup the wireless dongle. I used a cheap RT5370 dongle from eBay which works great.

You will also need to install some libraries – took me ages to get it working at first. After this was installed it worked first time.
sudo apt-get install firmware-ralink

To get the BMP085 working via i2c, there are some setup steps that need to be performed.
I2C Installation for Raspberry Pi – Step by Step Guide

Also to read the MCP3008 chip there are some additional steps that need to be done. A script needs to run at startup.

The R-Pi collects all the data from the sensors and writes it to a MySQL database running on a internal server. I’m busy working on the php code for the weather front end so its a work in progress.

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