Bill of Materials

Added in spreadsheet to keep a running tab of the costs and where items where purchased.

Arcade Cabinet Bill of Materials

Side panels

Cute base to size

Fitted castor wheels

Left and right side panels

Fitted support beam and front panel

Measuring and cutting out side panels

After a lot of reading up and visiting tons of cabinet building sites I eventually decided to settle on the Centipede cabinet design. See here for plans and a pic

I’ve also uploaded some close up shots of the Centipede arcade which I’m going to base my build on.

First thing was to measure out the side panels.

After double checking the measurements (The old saying still applies – measure twice,  cut once) its time to start cutting.  You will make you life a lot easier and save yourself a lot of trouble if you made use of clamps when you are working.

Finally finished cutting out both side panels:

Also cut the sides off the TV so it doesn’t make the width of the cabinet too wide.

A few good sites to do some reading up on

Still busy reading up on the exact design I’m going to do and have come across a few useful sites worth mentioning.

Bill of materials for Arcade


A excel spreadsheet of all the items I’ve needed and where I purchased them.

Arcade Cabinet Bill of Materials

Wiring the push buttons

If you order the UltraStik you can also order the cable harness which will save you the trouble of building your own cables.

I’m going to build my own cable as its simple enough to do. You need a few crimp connectors and a header connector. The wiring should be easy enough to work out from here

MDF Wood and castor wheels

Got the wood from Lumber City. Not badly priced at all. A 16mm x 1820 x 2750 piece costs R340

Also purchased 4 x castor wheels for the base from Brights for R35 each.

Buttons and joysticks delivered

Received my buttons and joysticks from Ultimarc today. Very impressed with their service. Received the items from the UK via DHL in under a week! Thumbs up!

TV purchased

Bought a 74cm Sansui TV off Gumtree for R500. Perfect condition. Feel almost bad that I have to chop it up to use in the cabinet.

Buttons and joysticks

After reading up all about joysticks I decided to order the UltraStik from Ultimarc

These these joysticks don’t appear cheap, but the buttons connect to the joysticks which are then connected to the USB port on the PC thereby saving you from purchasing a I-Pac or a similair device. So for only a few extra Rand I decided to buy new rather than having hassles with old joysticks. These joysticks get awesome reviews as well so I”m sure it will be worth the extra.

I also purchased 16 x pushbuttons and 2 x Start Logo pushbuttons

I’ve only heard good things from Ultimarc so we’ll see what happens. Cost R1420 including shipping.

I was also looking at getting a coindoor from Happ but its way too expensive. $70 for the door and 50 pounds to ship to SA!!

I might try these local guys that do arcade repairs and see what they have to offer – maybe a good secondhand coin door?