Aug 29

Connecting up all the electronics

Connected up the coin door mechanism and wired it into the joystick.

Inserted push to make reset button to power on the PC. I thought this last minute add on might be useful as then I don’t have to keep opening the door to power on the PC.

Wired up my DIY amplifier. Its  a bit of a hack job but in the end it sounds great and works well and didn’t cost much as all to put together.

All the electronics are almost all wired up

Aug 27

Artwork installed

Control panel installed. Its not as flush as I’d like it to be. I might still have to work out what to do on the corner as there is a small gap.

I struggled to find a decent way to mount the marquee. Eventually after checking up on a few sites, the best way to do it is to have some perspex installed in the inside. The marquee is then fitted between the inside perspex and the marquee perspex.

Marquee installed – its also not 100% as there is a small gap at the top. I’ll fix this later on on v2 on the cabinet 🙂

CPO and Marquee Artwork

Speaker grill installed

Now would be a good time to check is the TV actually works! 🙂

Still need to install the TV bezel.

Aug 26

CPO & Wiring

Printed out the CPO on vinyl, installed the joysticks and buttons and wired up.

Aug 24

2nd coat

Painting all done!! Time to start assembling the electronics

I’ve build a small 2 x 10W stereo  amplifier for the TV speakers from a few electronics components.

Aug 23

First coat of orange paint

After a light sand applied the first coat of orange paint. Its finally starting to look like a arcade machine! 🙂

Aug 22

2nd coat of wood primer applied

Second coat on the back door – all ready to paint now.

Aug 21

More control panel work, and started painting

Purchased the rest of the perspex from Maisey’s and started cutting out the holes in the perspex for the control panel. Disaster struck – I pushed down on the drill too hard and it cracked 🙁

2nd attempt – a few lessons learned. Take it slower and drill half the depth from each side of the perspex. The holes then came out perfect.

Fitted the joysticks to the control panel.

Also added a mains rocker switch to the cabinet so I can have one switch will will switch on the PC, lights, TV etc.

Added in screw caps

Gave the MDF a light sanding, filled in a few holes, masked off the TV and am now ready to apply the primer. Wood work finally done!

Aug 18

Started on the control panel

Made all the measurements for the 2 joysticks, 2 x player buttons and 2 sets of 8 buttons.

Routed out the bit for the joysticks.

Also screwed in the speaker panels. I was going to use brackets but its difficult to access them on the inside of the cabinet so I ended up screwing them in on the sides.

Once its all done I’ll use those plastic caps to hide the screws.

Aug 16

Rear door installed

Installed the rear door and added a lock. Had real problems lining up the door and some of the gaps are bigger than I’d hoped for. I should have also used sturdier hinges. The door is fairly heavy since its made from MDF. You might want to use a lighter door, or make the panel at the bottom bigger so that the door doesn’t have to be so long.

Aug 15

Woodward almost complete

Cut the speaker panel to size and installed.

Control panel cut to size and installed.

Speakers that were removed from the TV installed.

After almost breaking my back the TV has been installed. I had to further cut it to size as it was slightly too wide.  It weighs a ton!

The rear of the TV – its too big! It sticks out the back of the arcade!

More cutting to do!!