Commodore VIC-20 Expansion

After getting my Commodore VIC-20 working with SD2IEC  (Was a blown 7406 hex inverter) it’s now time to build a 32k expansion.

Found a great write up on Ruud’s Commodore site.   A schematic is provided which gives the  VIC-20 32k of expansion memory using 62256  (32k x 8 RAM) and a 6264 (8k x 8 RAM)  chips.

Setup the schematic in Autodesk Eagle and created a PCB. If you are looking to do this you might want to import the Commodore  library for Eagle which contains all the common parts including the edge connector.

Sent the gerber files to PCBWay, 10 boards for $5. Bargain!

Datasheets for the semiconductors:


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