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Rear door installed

Installed the rear door and added a lock. Had real problems lining up the door and some of the gaps are bigger than I’d hoped for. I should have also used sturdier hinges. The door is fairly heavy since its made from MDF. You might want to use a lighter door, or make the panel …

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Woodward almost complete

Cut the speaker panel to size and installed. Control panel cut to size and installed. Speakers that were removed from the TV installed. After almost breaking my back the TV has been installed. I had to further cut it to size as it was slightly too wide. ┬áIt weighs a ton! The rear of the …

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More panels installed

Fitted the top panels and started on the monitor panel. Purchased a slot cutting 2.4mm routing bit from Brights. This is used with a router to cut slots for the T-Molding. You really need a 1/16 inch slot cutting bit but it seems they are impossible to find. The next closest size I could get …

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Top panel

Top panel measured, cut to size and fitted.

Purchased and installed coin door.

I bought a coin safety door, coin slot and t-edging from Indoor Amusements Cut the coin door to size, cut out a hole for the safety door and fitted.

Bill of Materials

Added in spreadsheet to keep a running tab of the costs and where items where purchased. Arcade Cabinet Bill of Materials

Side panels

Cute base to size Fitted castor wheels Left and right side panels Fitted support beam and front panel

Measuring and cutting out side panels

After a lot of reading up and visiting tons of cabinet building sites I eventually decided to settle on the Centipede cabinet design. See here for plans and a pic I’ve also uploaded some close up shots of the Centipede arcade which I’m going to base my build on. First thing was to measure out …

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A few good sites to do some reading up on

Still busy reading up on the exact design I’m going to do and have come across a few useful sites worth mentioning.

Bill of materials for Arcade

  A excel spreadsheet of all the items I’ve needed and where I purchased them. Arcade Cabinet Bill of Materials