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Arduino Weather Station

I finally decided to build my own weather station using the Arduino Uno.   The first stage of the project will be to monitor temperature, pressure and humidity.   From reading up a bit on the subject I’ve come across the following sites to help me get started: Weather Station Arduino Weather The Weather Station  …

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Construction of modules

Finally started putting the temperature, humidity and pressure sensors together. Added in a DHT22, BMP085 and ENC28J60 ethernet module. Downloaded the following libraries: ENC28J60 Ethernet library DHT22 Humidity sensor library BMP085 Pressure sensor library Had to hunt around a bit for libraries that were compatible with the new Arduino Software  

Monitor bezel finally installed

Finally got around to installing the monitor bezel and configuring the joysticks and buttons. One thing I realized is that I mounted the joysticks upside down. 🙁 At least they are fully configurable in Mame and up is now down and down is up 🙂 The graphics on the TV is not as clear as …

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No updates for a while

I still haven’t quite finished things off yet – still need to configure the buttons and finished off the PC setup. Hopefully I”ll get some time soon and finish it off. It’s 99% complete 🙂

Connecting up all the electronics

Connected up the coin door mechanism and wired it into the joystick. Inserted push to make reset button to power on the PC. I thought this last minute add on might be useful as then I don’t have to keep opening the door to power on the PC. Wired up my DIY amplifier. Its  a bit of …

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Artwork installed

Control panel installed. Its not as flush as I’d like it to be. I might still have to work out what to do on the corner as there is a small gap. I struggled to find a decent way to mount the marquee. Eventually after checking up on a few sites, the best way to …

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CPO & Wiring

Printed out the CPO on vinyl, installed the joysticks and buttons and wired up.

2nd coat

Painting all done!! Time to start assembling the electronics I’ve build a small 2 x 10W stereo  amplifier for the TV speakers from a few electronics components.

First coat of orange paint

After a light sand applied the first coat of orange paint. Its finally starting to look like a arcade machine! 🙂

2nd coat of wood primer applied

Second coat on the back door – all ready to paint now.