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Raspberry Pi weather station

A few months ago I started putting together a R-Pi weather station using: BMP085 Wind Speed sensor Window Direction sensor DHT22 Ultra Violet Radiation sensor TEMP6000 Light Sensor MCP6273 – opamp for UV sensor Webcam After a corrupted Pi SD Card and loosing the backups I’ve decided to restart this and will document everything this …

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Netware 3.12 on the Raspberry Pi

After successfully booting Windws 1.01 – 95 on the Pi, for the next feat I decided to try and get Netware 3.12 booting. This proved a challenge and took quite a few hours to get working. Initially I used the same method I did for the booting of Windows but when trying to get Netware …

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Windows emulation on the Pi

After reading a few posts on the RaspBerry Pi forums from users who have gotten Win95 working on the R-Pi I decided to give it go and see if I could run Windows from v1.0 to 95. Windows runs on the R-Pi via qemu but its really slow. This is really just to show that …

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MyFitnessPal weight importer

Update: July 2018 This script is no longer working due to some changes by MyFitnesspal Source code is available if you want to try and get it working: I wrote this php script as MyFitnesspal does not have the functionality available to import a historical list of weight/body fat values. After looking at the …

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Setting up web based/client less SSH for the Raspberry-Pi

I had a spare Raspberry Pi lying around so though I would see if I would get a web based SSH session going for the raspberry pi, as well as setting up SSL using a free 1 year SSL cert from StartSSL It was surprisingly simple. After searching around I came across GateOne which gets …

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Laser trigger for Canon camera

I build this project so I could setup my camera to take pictures of water drops. This was built on a Arduino and then transferred to a veroboard. The circuit uses a laser diode with a LM317 setup as a current limiter. A LDR is connected to the Arduino’s analogue pin and triggers the camera …

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Raspberry Pi – 16×2 LCD

Setup my Raspberry Pi with a spare 16×2 LCD connected to the pi’s GPIO pins. For some reason I could not get it working with the example from Adafruit×2-lcd-directly-with-a-raspberry-pi/overview After a bit of searching around I came across Raspberry Pi Spy. Tried the example from there and it worked first time. 16×2 LCD Module …

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Temperatures and pH probe

A few of the parts I ordered have finally arrived. – DS1307 RTC – pH Probe – 3.2 TFT Screen – DS18B20 Temperature Sensors   I’ve been using the Dallas Temperature control library for the temperature sensors. They really work well.   Also using the following library for the 3.2 TFT screen with touch. …

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Arduino aquarium controller

So I’ve been reading up all about open source aquarium controllers and some of the projects people are putting together is amazing. I though I’d startup my own project which will do the basics and then I’ll add on modules as I get the time. Its going to take while to do this project but …

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Ordering parts

I’ve ordered the following parts ¬†– mostly off ebay.   DHT22 Humidity & Temperature Sensor BMP085 Barometric Pressure Sensor ENC28J60 Ethernet Module¬† ATMega328 Microcontroller