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ZX Spectrum Harlequin

After spending a good few hours reading up on retro computers and wanting to¬†relive my childhood I’ve decided to give the ZX Spectrum Harlequin a go. Yes, I know its probably cheaper to buy a complete assembled board or even a ZX Spectrum from eBay, but where is the fun in that! There are many …

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3.5″ TFT Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

I recently purchased one of these cheap 3.5″ TFT displays for the Raspberry Pi from eBay for ¬£10 and spent many hours trawling the web trying to get it working.       This is a summary of all the steps I needed to follow from various sources. Running the latest Debian Stretch Lite First …

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Temperature sensors using WeMos


After trying for a few months to get mysensors working on a Arduino mini pro with a NRF24L01+ I eventually gave up as the radio was too unstable. Works fine one day and next it loses communication. I tried all the tips and tricks to get these devices stable but had no luck. I now …

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ESP8266 + DS18B20 LUA code completed

This LUA code on the ESP works like a bomb – really simple and really stable. The temperature sensors are connected directly to the ESP’s GPIO0 pin. This eliminates the need for an Arduino as all the work is done by the ESP.


After having struggled for many days with the instability of the ESP (I almost got some code going which read the DS18B20 sensors and upload the reads via the wifi, but the ESP kept resetting or returning unpredictable results) I did some more reading up and found these clever guys are now using the microcontroller …

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ESP8266 Wifi Module

Came across this module while looking at how to connect the Arduino to the net. There are the quick and easy and expensive ways to do it, and then there is a ESP8266. This goes for around £3 on eBay so thought I’d get some of these and see if I can get it working …

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Raspberry Pi script to get cpu/memory/uptime/memory

From a few goole sources I put this script together to grab the cpu temperature, utilization, free memory and uptime from my raspberry pi weather station and write the results to my MySQL database. I will use this data at some stage in my Weather Station project. #!/bin/bash # # Script to get Raspberry Pi …

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Raspberry Pi weather station

A few months ago I started putting together a R-Pi weather station using: BMP085 Wind Speed sensor Window Direction sensor DHT22 Ultra Violet Radiation sensor TEMP6000 Light Sensor MCP6273 – opamp for UV sensor Webcam After a corrupted Pi SD Card and loosing the backups I’ve decided to restart this and will document everything this …

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Netware 3.12 on the Raspberry Pi

After successfully booting Windws 1.01 – 95 on the Pi, for the next feat I decided to try and get Netware 3.12 booting. This proved a challenge and took quite a few hours to get working. Initially I used the same method I did for the booting of Windows but when trying to get Netware …

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Windows emulation on the Pi

After reading a few posts on the RaspBerry Pi forums from users who have gotten Win95 working on the R-Pi I decided to give it go and see if I could run Windows from v1.0 to 95. Windows runs on the R-Pi via qemu but its really slow. This is really just to show that …

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