Arduino aquarium controller

So I’ve been reading up all about open source aquarium controllers and some of the projects people are putting together is amazing. I though I’d startup my own project which will do the basics and then I’ll add on modules as I get the time.

Its going to take while to do this project but its going to be very interesting.

I’d like to also complete a Arduino LED controller for the aquarium but I think that will be the next project.

For starters I’ve found these links which will be very helpful:

For starters I plan to use a Arduino Mega 2560 with a 3.2″ TFT Screen and DS1307 RTC.

pH measurements will be takes with a pH probe which you can get cheaply from eBay.

I’ll be using the pH amplifier from here:

Temperatures from  DS18B20 sensors and salinity from a EC conductivity probe. I’m still looking for ways to impletement this as this looks like the trickiest part of the project.

First thing is first – need to order an Arduino Mega 2560



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