23XX Adapter

I’ve been trying to repair a VIC-20 with missing ROM’s. Unfortunately the original ROMS are getting more and more difficult to find and if you do find them they are way overpriced.

Luckily with a few mods you can use newer EEPROMs or EPROMs like the 27C256 which are still available and cheap enough from places like eBay.

All that is needed is to build an adapter board. I came across this site which is a generic adapter board and by setting various jumpers you can configure the adapter for the 2316, 2332 or 2364, and also set the pins to active low/high.

As the shipping from America to the UK is a killer I decided to roll up my own boards.

Adapter board:

Replaced the ROM in a Commodore VIC20

To configure the board for the difference types of EPROMS:

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